Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I get more information?

Swimming Australia has created a booklet in an effort to provide swimming parents with information concerning the sport. It is a great resource that covers everything from coaching tips to different ways to volunteer with a swim club. Download the handbook

For even more information, please visit Positive Parenting Tips

Target Meets

Is it just a meet that coaches will also be attending

Yes but no! Coaches will be in attendance for target meets however that’s not the only reason we target them

Is there a reason a particular meet has been chosen as a target meet

Yes many including

  • Appropriate events held for swimmers to get a chance at competing in a large range of different events
  • We target various levels of meets, Some tier 1 meets to encourage all juniors/new swimmers to attend right up to states (tier 3)
  • As the more competitive swimmers move into harder swim sessions we target meets at various times in the training program to monitor progress/response to the work being done in the pool.
  • We don’t want to overdo it! A good spread of time trials and target meets enables swimmers to attend everything without too many clashes (and some well-deserved weekends off). This may become hard and need to change as we grow/ become more competitive.
  • We try to target the fun ones (like Albany) and the fun shorter ones (like summer league)!

Are there reasons for the number of target meets in a season

We like to target enough meets to enable swimmers to obtain state times in a range of events. We need to account for the fact that swimmers will not swim at their best every weekend. This is especially relevant for our senior squad over winter when most of our endurance/adaptation work is done. So a SWA sanctioned meet every 6 – 8 weeks over winter gives coaches time to work them hard as well as backing off to give them the best chance at swimming well and hopefully obtaining qualifying times.

Do you encourage parents to take kids to only the target meets, or feel free to go to extra meets in between

Swimmers are welcome to attend as many meets as they like especially as juniors. However please remember that we are unable to have coaches in attendance at every meet. Also, attending a meet every weekend (especially on their own) can cause swimmers to become bored and loose the excitement that race day should bring.

What are the purpose of Time Trials?

Time trials are for 3 reasons

  • to practice starts, turns and finishes in competition format (also refer to Information for Competitive-Swimmers handout).
  • To get progressive times that assist coaches, the children and parents to gauge performance.
  • And some would say the most important part of a Time Trial is parents getting to meet / talk to one another in preparation for the real thing.

How do the Club Championships work?

To see our current club champion and more, please use the following link

What to expect from training

Friendly faces, keen beans and qualified staff to guide your child through the best course for their future swimming – whether that be just for exercise or the life journey making it competitive. The coaches will set varying sets over the year, and if you look at the pattern (over a year) you’ll see how it strengthens, tests and pushes every muscle, every stroke and every technique to get better. Spend some time talking to the coaches, they’d love to help you get the best out of their sessions!

Do I need to buy a Riverside shirt

We could say “No, but it is what all the cool kids are doing” – but in reality every team focuses when they wear a uniform because they encourage each other to do better. Being part of a group that is focused to do their best, whether it be at a time trial or at a meet, makes the difference at every level in life. For so little, why wouldn’t you support and advertise the club?
To see what is available please visit the Merchandise page.