Time Trials

Time Trials are run by the Riverside swimming club with the help of the coaching team, and help measure a swimmer’s progress through-out the season.

Time Trials also help those younger members get used to how swim meets are run, so they more are confident during their race.  It is important for the older swimmers to join in during these practice sessions to assist with these routines.

Summer Time Trials are run in the outdoor 50m pool

In both seasons, the coaches ask that swimmers arrive no later than the specified warm-up time (usually 3:30pm). Races will begin once warm-ups have been completed. NOTE – warm-ups are an essential part of the process as they help in injury prevention as well as forming part of race skills training such as diving and turns

Time Trial Calendar (pdf)

WeekDayDateEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4
1Sunday1/11/2050m Backstroke50m Breaststroke100m Butterfly200m Freestyle
2Sunday8/11/2050m Butterfly50m Freestyle100m Backstroke
3Monday30/11/2050m Backstroke50m Freestyle100m Breaststroke200m Butterfly
4Sunday6/12/2050m Butterfly50m Breaststroke100m Freestyle200m Backstroke
5Friday11/12/2050m Backstroke50m Freestyle100m Butterfly200m Breaststroke
Santa with Reindeer
Christmas Holiday Break
6Sunday7/2/2150m Butterfly50m Breaststroke100m Backstroke400m Freestyle
7Friday12/2/2150m Butterfly50m Freestyle100m Breaststroke
8Friday19/2/2150m Backstroke50m Breaststroke100m Freestyle200m individual Medley
9Monday1/3/2150m Breaststroke50m Freestyle100m Butterfly100m Backstroke
10Monday8/3/2150m Butterfly50m Breaststroke100m Breaststroke100m Freestyle
Friday19/3/21Club Champs Week 1
Friday26/3/21Club Champs Week 2
* For kids 8 & under a 25m event will be run for each 50m or 100m event listed above
* Each week a novelty event will be run for Junior Dolphins, they are however encouraged to participate in the 25m events
* Please enter on the day at the club rooms by 4:30pm. Late entries cannot be accepted

How To Register

To make it simple for everyone, Registration is on the day – so please come to the club rooms at least 30 minutes prior to the first race to Register.

This will also give the entrants time to complete a warm up before Time Trials begin each session.